Hi, I’m Silvia

Our journey through every day life is a rich, beautiful and ride! We experience a whirlwind of different sensations every hour: emotions, physical feelings and thoughts. I’m here to help you find a balance, to learn to dance between stillness and movement, ease and effort, and reconnect with your joyful self.

Discovering what works for you is what I love to do most, helping you find a steady yoga and meditation practice that is right for you and give you the courage, strength and softness you need to navigate your inner and outer world. A regular practice that gives you joy can help cultivate long lasting contentment and a greater ability to appreciate the beauty of each moment.

Immersive Yoga Retreat – Mallorca 8 – 14 June 2024

Join Dagmar and Silvia for an inspiring week of yoga, meditation and teachings on yoga philosophy. Our intention is to guide you in cultivating a graceful flow of ease in your life, helping you overcome resistance and stress through alignment on physical, mental, and emotional levels. The key lies in fine-tuning your personal dance between strength and softness.

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My online class-room is a place to support you and connect with ourselves and our community. Each class has a different theme and focus, ranging from Vinyasa Flow, Functional movement to  Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Everyone is welcome, no matter your level of experience. Single classes and packages are available.

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Retreats in Northern Italy

Every few months I have the privilege of teaching Yoga for the Mandali retreat center in the mountains of Northern Italy overlooking the Lake d’Orta. It is a beautiful location and a  place to re-connect to yourself, practice yoga and meditation, eat great food and share with like-minded people.

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My offerings

I teach Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin & Yoga Nidra.  My classes are never the same, I create fun and innovative sequences and explore out of the box movement patterns to help you come home to your body not matter what your experience. Sessions are both challenging and releasing, and always dancing between ease and effort. I love to push you a little out of your comfort zone, but also create a gentle relaxing space to come back to. 

While my passion for Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga is strong, I have in recent years found a deep love for Yoga Nidra, ‘Yoga Sleep’. This soft method is a beautiful mind/body guided relaxation practice, an inner journey through the body, senses, space and time. It can also be a powerful way to set the seeds for your future, dreaming your transformation into reality.  Here is a free guided Yoga Nidra for you.


“Silvia’s yoga classes and teaching method are the best i’ve experienced. After 10 years of regularly practicing yoga, she is still my favorite teacher that I’ve had the pleasure to take classes with. Her classes are the perfect balance of strength and surrender. She challenges you physically and mentally throughout the practice, also offering incredible guided meditations, breathing exercises and relaxation methods.

I practiced regularly with Silvia for many years and each class was unique and creatively different. It’s clear that she continually studies, practices and puts a great deal of time and energy into planning each class. Don’t miss out on taking a class or, if you’re lucky enough, a whole retreat with her!”

– Emma Iacono, Montezuma Costa Rica

I’ve always loved her capacity to bring new elements of movement into her classes as an enrichment to the yoga practice and not a deviation from it; her classes are a balanced dance between ease and effort, soft and strong, in and out. She is passionate and very knowledgeable about teaching and you perceive that she puts all her soul, heart and mind into it. I love how she cares about details and little movements and how she brings this attention on the mat without losing the grace of the flow.

 She is always there to give you a gentle touch to help you in a pose, she is there to support you in the more challenging moments of your practice and she’s there to let you be, with your breath and your body, to guide you in your own journey. 

– Aurelia Galimberti, Bend Oregon USA

“I love Silvia’s classes, because they are never the same! Each class is carefully sequenced and has a great flow between strength and ease.

I love how creative Silvia is, she seems to be always studying some new movements and weaves in practices from other styles of yoga and movement, so I always felt inspired and could learn something new. On top she is the sweetest person, very natural and with a big heart, so you’ll certainly be in very good hands with Silvia.”

– Dagmar Spremberg, Founder of Montezuma Yoga Costa Rica